Timothy R.

"I would recommend his services to anyone with athletic injuries or who just wants a better quality of life."

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"Since seeing him, my pain has almost completely disappeared."

Robert B.

"Dr. Charbel has become the perfect solution to my immediate and long-term problems"

Adam S.

"I highly recommend Dr Charbel for any of your muscle and joint pains."

Tamara R.

"I finally have hope again and that feels “FANTASTIC”"

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"Dr. Charbel has given me a completely new look on life, and given me back the zeal for activity that I longed for."

A Chiropractor Who Cares About Your Total Health and Wellness Needs

Integrated Health Solutions comprises a team of some of the best chiropractor experts who combine comprehensive modalities to treat your complete health and wellness needs.

Our Indianapolis chiropractor team sees beyond your pain, sore muscles and aching joints: They understand that your needs are unique, based on your personal biology and life experiences. That’s why our custom treatment plans—tailored to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle—are built around a patient-centered approach. We work with you to discover the cause of your pain and engage you in your own health care so we can treat the whole you.

We do this through our integrative method, which allows our team to work within the many dimensions of wellness, providing you with a balanced pathway to reach your goals. Clinical researchers discovered that treating the mind, body and spirit through integrative medicine often results in permanent solutions to acute, chronic or life-threatening injuries. We combine diagnostic testing with complementary approaches, such as acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, massage, nutrition, soft-tissue therapy, and stress-reduction strategies to deliver a comprehensive solution to your health problems.

An Integrated Philosophy on Health

Indianapolis ChiropracticOur Medical Director, Dr. Charbel Harb, believes that optimum health can only be truly achieved through all-encompassing integrated modalities that combine conventional medicine and state-of-the-art science with clinically tested and proven complimentary therapies. This conviction—driven by many years of qualified professional training, including multiple degrees in chiropractic and human biology, personal scientific research and evidence-based clinical experience—is shared by all of the great doctors in our office.

Ancient Therapies Supported by the Best Scientific Evidence

All of our holistic treatments are informed by a deep and immersive understanding of centuries-old Eastern health wisdom—but we only apply those which are proven by the most credible Western scientific research and peer-reviewed studies. By combining the most trusted ancient Eastern techniques with the most recent, cutting-edge breakthroughs in Western science, we can create a unique and total health solution designed to meet the individual, case-specific needs of both you and your loved ones.

It’s this mix of ancient Eastern philosophy and ultra-modern techniques that allows each of our doctors to not only meet your own specific health and wellness needs, but exceed and transcend them as well.

Meeting — and Exceeding — Your Needs

Many of our patients first come to us—accustomed with limited and ineffective conventional methods—hoping only to relieve years of pain and reduced movement. But the doctors on our Indianapolis team do much more than just this, our integrated health protocols allow each of our doctors to not only reduce pain, but restore proper function—and correct and improve body alignment at the same time, which can have a dramatic effect on overall energy, wellness and health. It’s this integrated approach that allows us to make such dramatic improvements in the life our patients and help them find their way back to better health.

Not Just Relieving Pain But Removing It For Good

Best ChiropractorAll too often, even the best traditional medical response only masks pain associated with health conditions-usually through surgery or drugs, which can be both expensive and ineffective. However, pain is merely a symptom of what’s ailing you: not the actual cause. In fact, it’s your body’s way of letting you know that there is a problem. But masking symptoms only temporarily relieves or hides pain: It doesn’t help you to find out what’s really wrong, or fix the actual problem. That’s why the first thing that any of the experts in our office does is investigate and identify the underlying cause of your pain, so that we can find, fix and remove the real problem. By addressing the actual cause of your pain—rather than masking it with ineffective, and sometimes risky, solutions like pain killers—we can take the first effective and totally safe steps to genuinely restore health and remove the actual source of pain—for good.

Reset Your Biological Clock: Grow Stronger and Healthier

Integrative medicine isn’t just about fixing problems: it’s also about preventing them. Our in-office solutions are coupled with therapeutic exercises that our patients perform at their own pace in between visits. As one of our patients you’ll learn how to maximize your own performance—and minimize your risk of future injury.

Each of the doctors is expertly trained to do this, and all of them make great use of a wide range of cutting-edge techniques to help you regain a wider range of function, improve form and alignment and continue to strengthen your body mechanics each day, allowing you to enjoy a more active, healthy and full life. Instead of getting older, weaker and increasingly plagued by pain as you age, we’ll help you restore your health and give you the tools you need to grow stronger, healthier and more energetic each day.

If you live locally and care about your long-term health, you need to be thinking chiropractors in Indianapolis, in other words, Integrated Health Solutions!

We hope you find the information on these pages useful and share it with the people you love. We’ll be updating our blog often with great educational news and the best advice-driven articles designed to help you live stronger and healthier. Thank you for visiting and come back often.

About Integrated Health Solutions

is a licensed chiropractic physician and the Medical Director of Integrated Health Solutions. Our core belief is that each patient who walks through the doors is a person, not just a medical record or chart. Our greatest pleasure is bringing joy to our patients and helping them to fully embrace life, allowing them to enjoy each day: active, healthy and pain free.

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